Astrology is offered by Katrina Archibald, whose goal is to use the information conveyed in Astrology and Numerology readings to asssit you in better knowing and understanding yourself, others and your relationships, as well as all the key areas of your life AND to navigate life transitions and challenging times.



Astrology is an amazing and ancient tool for increasing self-knowledge and an excellent aid to understanding ourselves and those with whom we are in relationship.

Astrology can also help us to give meaning to and therefore greater capacity for optimal utilisation of current life changes, influences, challenges or themes, which may be apparent in our lives at any given time. 

Combined with numerology, a 'sister science', astrology can be of great assistance in times of doubt, change or confusion, as well as a fun, novel and extremely accurate exploration into the deeper workings of the self or any significant 'other'.


“I learnt more about myself in 2 hours with Katrina than I have known the past 20 years! Katrina has am amazing ability to relate what is a very complex art form in astrology to one's own experiences, past, present and future. Katrina guided me through the web of planets, alignments, the significance of the Mayan Calender and how to make the most of the opportunities that will present themselves.”
- Sophie Andrew

"Meeting Katrina changed my life in a most profound way. I highly recommend anyone who is seeking to find themselves to contact this exceptional person and thus begin the first day of the rest of your life. She is extraordinarily intuitive, positive and giving. Her passion for her work is palpable and her dedication to the cause is indomitable and unlike anything I have ever experienced. I urge anyone who is feeling lost, to take on board her advice, council and vision, you will not be disappointed! I feel that I have also found a friend for life, whose words
of support will also stay with me a lifetime, and beyond. With fondest regards."
- Richard Dunn


“Astrology is like coming home to self. Katrina took a complex, technical system, and wove a comprehensive narrative, for and about me, that both resonated with and inspired me...gave me awareness of my issues. Katrina’s warm, nurturing and inspiring nature made my reading with her a joy. It was not only detailed and accurate, but also filled with compassion and understanding. I walked away from the experience ready to face whatever lay ahead of me."
- Kim Sissons



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