Compulsory Initial 1:1 Session

Before joining any Pilates class, you must first attend a 1:1 session with a trainer for a full assessment and introduction. This makes your transition into classes easier and helps your trainer to understand your body's capabilities and your particular goals.


Which class is for me?

During your initial 1:1 session, your trainer will be able to advise you as to which class may suit you best. For those needing more specific training related to your goals or rehabilitation, then our small group studio classes would be most appropriate.


Class sizes and booking your session

Studio Pilates class participants must book a permanent weekly session and will be charged for non-attendance unless notification is given at the start of the term. Mat class participants will be booked for a permanent weekly sessions but cancellations may be made up 24 hours prior to the class time. SMS, email reminders and calendar links are also available. Please be mindful that if you are booked into a mat class, to call and cancel your spot if you are unable to attend.






Price List

Pilates Mat $20 per session 

Pilates Studio $40 per session

One on One Pilates $69


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