Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

You do not need a referral to see one of our therapists. If you are not sure what type of therapy you might need, our receptionists have been trained in how best to advise you.Appointment times and costs vary with each therapy, but are based on recommended standards for the industry. Availability will vary, so it is best to call ahead for an appointment.


Can I claim on medical benefits?

Most private insurance companies cover for our services, however it is worth checking with your individual health fund.  We have HICAPS so that you can make your health insurance claim on the spot.  Workcover accepts our services with a referral from your doctor.  Veterans Affairs accepts some services.  TAC accepts some services.  You can also be referred for some services through  care plan to claim through medicare with a referral from your GP.

NDIS will also pay for our services


How do I know who I need to see?

Our receptionists are well trained and can often recommend a practitioner who is right for you after speaking with you on the phone.


Hours of operation

Mon, Wed, Thurs 9-6

Tuesday 8 to 1.30

Friday 9-5