Psychotherapy can benefit people who are "feeling stuck”,  distressed, overwhelmed or dissatisfied. This includes people experiencing issues in their relationships, within families or workplaces or facing major challenges such as trauma, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, grief and loss.

Psychotherapy provides a safe and reflective space for clients to explore their relationships, their identity, their gender, sexuality or development. Psychotherapy encourages people to become more curious about themselves and others. It can help people to face into and address challenges or accept dilemmas in a different or more creative way.


It can be short or longer term. It might focus on a single issue. It can provide an opportunity to explore more broadly the patterns of your relationships in the present, and how this relates to your development and previous experiences. It can support you to address, overcome or accept significant difficulty or suffering that you have experienced.



Brendan is a Medical Practitioner and Consultant Psychiatrist working as a psychotherapist.

Brendan worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist within public health system for many years. He specialised in supporting patients with medical issues, in particular neurological disorders, people living with cancer and around issues with death and dying. He has run a private practice as a Consultant Psychiatrist and psychotherapist for over ten years in both the inner north of Melbourne and Leongatha.

Brendan has completed Advanced Clinical Training in Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy. As his clinical expertise has grown his private practice has moved towards psychotherapy and away from prescribing.

He is an inclusive and open minded practitioner who works with a broad range of clients and presentations. He is warm, approachable, insightful and respectful.

Brendan has also worked for many years as a Medical Adviser and continues to consult to industry as an Occupational Psychiatrist.


MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (Honours)


Advanced Clinical Training in Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy


You will need a referral from your General Practitioner to see Dr Spence. As a Consultant Psychiatrist Brendan’s work is supported by ongoing Medicare rebates that allow ongoing sessions (up to 52 each year). This allows a safe holding space to develop that can enable deeper work if indicated. Additionally the Medicare Safety Net provides higher rebates for out of pocket expenses with longer-term treatment so that out of pocket expenses for clients who need longer work are considerably reduced over time.

Brendan can be contacted on 0428 874 073

Fax 03 8678 3146

Dr. Brendan Spence