Yoga is no longer the exercise choice of only 'New Agers' or 'Hippies'. The benefits of yoga are now well recognised and documented, backed by scientific study and research. These days, professional athletes including surfers, dancers and footballers, as well as actors, musicians, writers, scientists and, basically anyone who wants to increase their overall health, vitality, and mind, body and psychological performance levels, does yoga to improve their 'game'. 
Yoga is also a great compliment to weight loss or cleansing regimes, and can be of great psychological and emotional assistance through periods of upheaval or change in life. 

Why do Yoga

Practising dynamic yoga regularly(ideally for a minimum 20-30 minutes a day, but even an hour class, once a week) gives you more energy, by liberating and improving the flow of energy at your disposal. 

With it's focus on constant motion and linking breath with movement, flowing, vinyasa-style yoga develops your aerobic capacity. Yoga also helps stabilise hormones and metabolism, improve digestion and circulation, as well as your skin's appearance, texture and health. Yoga increases core and overall strength, stamina and flexibility, as it simultaneously balances, focuses, clears, expands and calms the mind. 

Yoga can help reduce or eliminate addictions, mood swings and depression, reduce stress and anxiety,   promote relaxation and improve sleep, generating an overall feeling of peace, wellbeing and joy. 

"Do your practice and all is coming" 
Pattabhi Jois, Founder of the Ashtanga Yoga School, Mysore, India

Yoga with Katrina

Katrina's Inverloch Yoga style and teaching evolves from, and is a fusion of, her experiences and training in a variety of yoga styles, developed over the 20-years she has been practising and exploring yoga, spirituality and life. She teaches what has worked or works for herself and her students, and so her teaching is constantly evolving as a consequence.  

Katrina's yoga classes are a blend of the Iyengar-inspired focus on alignment, and the conscious, rythmic breath and dynamic flow of the ashtanga or vinyasa styles of hatha yoga. 

Classes are of approximately 65mins duration, suitable for beginners to intermediate practitioners. Asanas(poses) are taught in detail from the foundation up, with options for variations of poses and transitions being presented in a systematic way, that cater to the beginner as well as to those who want more of a challenge, or to work harder, go stronger or further in their practice. 

Katrina is registered with Yoga Australia as a Level 1 Yoga Teacher (Member No. 2177), has a Working with Children Card, and is fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity. 

Yoga at SGTC is available Tuesdays at 9am
$20/class or less for block purchases
Phone Katrina direct to book your spot on 
0400 840 634

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